Why Did I Become a Life Coach?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I became a life coach because I have been gifted with a genuine passion for helping people get to the next level.

One of my strongest desires is to help people, either I help them focus, uncover their true selves, overcome obstacles, develop self-improvement skills, and position themselves to get to the next level. I have been doing this long before I became a certified life coach. I have done this for my family, friends, and strangers. In doing so, I have given away my intellectual property (for free) and used my knowledge to push others to a higher plateau (even when they didn’t give me credit for it) and I have even been used by people who showed no gratitude for the contribution I made in their life. It would sting because I am human, but the reward in knowing that something I did helped propel someone else gave me gratification so I didn't complain. I didn't let the negative change the positive in me.

I found out that there was such thing as a life coach and when I realized all that this field entailed, I realized I was already doing it but I was not getting compensated for it. I researched and was able to get my certification. That was an exciting moment for me. I felt like I accomplished a major milestone in my life.

There is a difference between a coach, mentor, and counselor. II have mentored quite a few people, but mentoring is different from being a coach. A coach's objective is to give you the tools to help you towards your achieving your goals and ultimately finding your success. Coaches have you feeling appreciative of your own efforts and accomplishments. A mentor will use whatever tools they have to guide the person they are mentoring, but it’s more of a “mimic what I do so it can work for you” kind of deal.

I have come across many people who want to call themselves a “Life Coach” but what they lack is the plan of action, the proper experiences, and the ability to hear what’s not being said and see what’s not being immediately shown. There is more to being a Life Coach than just a title or a certification. There has to be a passion for doing it -- beyond feeling obligated to help loved ones, beyond the obligation to be a good Christian, even beyond the obligation of a spiritual calling or a desire to make money. There must be a genuine passion in desiring to see someone doing better, even if it means they will do better than you.

I can answer the question posed in the title simply by saying I became a life coach because I have been gifted with a genuine passion for helping people get to the next level. I will do it whether it makes me wealthy or not, I will do it whether I get the credit or not, I will do it because it is what God gave me an earnest desire to do and I do it form the heart. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see that something I have said or done has had a growing impact on someone's journey.

There are a lot of hurts and pains that people are experiencing and they just don’t know how to overcome those pains, they don’t know how to regain their focus, they don’t know how to overcome obstacles, they don’t know how to manage their worrying and anxiety, they don’t even know the best version of themselves and they need a judge-free zone to be able to sort it all out and put it back together. As their Life Coach, I just want to clean it up all in one session, but experience and proper training proves that that’s not how it works. You have to first and foremost establish a foundation. My clients trust me because they get to know the real me and that helps them accept that their best interest is my best interest.

Being a life coach teaches me how to be strategic and remove any biases so that I can work at my client's pace. I don't give up on them, even when they want to give up on themselves. That is the heart of true Life Coach and I am grateful that I am blessed to have this heart in me.

Coach Sybil Kearse

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