Today, make a beeline towards your goals.

Today is the day I cease making excuses

My goal has been little more than a dream for so long. Today, I choose to take the necessary action in order to achieve success! Today is the day I cease making excuses and lunge full speed towards my goal!

The first step on my path to success is mental preparation. And one of the key ingredients for this is to rid myself of all fear and doubt! Once my mind is fully prepared, I map my route and embark on my journey toward success.

I am certain that my goals are attainable. After all, millions and millions of people before me have crossed the finish line without a hitch. So, what makes me any different?

A goal is just a daydream if no action is taken. And because I am the type of person that walks the walk they talk, today is the day that I beeline towards my goal!

My dreams come to me so that I know what I want in life. When I know what I want, I can set goals. And as I move toward those goals, my dreams begin to come true.

I wholeheartedly believe that when preparation and opportunity meet, I am at the crossroads where I can create success. Therefore, I jump aboard right now because I am fully prepared to pursue my goals.

Today, I shut down every excuse that I may create to delay my pursuit of happiness. I push both my personal inhibitions and external naysayers aside and pull into this one-way superhighway that leads me to ultimate success and mental freedom.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is my fear of failure forcing me to delay chasing my goals?

2. Am I happy with my life right now?

3. Will chasing this dream allow me to improve my quality of life?

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