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“Many people aren't millionaires because they don't believe that they can be.”

We should never go broke because we are trying to look rich. Most people will spend astronomical amounts of money for materialistic things that are outside of their budget just because they want to appear to have money. The truth is living outside of your budget to maintain the appearance of having a lot of money is what's keeping you broke. There's nothing wrong with aspiring to buying nice things, but you must be honest and ask yourself can you really afford those nice things?

Changing the money mindset is crucial to attaining wealth status. Buying materialistic items to be worn is not an investment -- It's a waste or resources. Before making your next expensive purchase, ask yourself how can expenditure support your legacy? Understand that every time you spend money, it should be looked at as an investment and then ask yourself and what is the return on that investment?

If you're living paycheck to paycheck, spending $500.00 investment on purchasing a handbag or shoes is your choice, but why not buy stocks into your favorite brands and become an owner of the company instead of a customer? This is something that will allow you to grow your financial portfolio, potentially increase your revenue, and have something of value to leave as your legacy. Our ancestors worked very hard so that we wouldn't have to, but what kind of ancestor are you going to be for your heirs? What kind of legacy are you going to leave for your heirs?

Many people aren't millionaires because they don't believe that they can be. If we believed that we were meant to be wealthy and we are not, then we'd feel that there was an injustice done in as much that either someone took something that belonged to us or that we lost something that belonged to us and we would do all that we can to ensure that we've "secured the bag".

This is why we must change our money mindset. It serves no purpose to have a 500.00 handbag with no money to put in it. Don't let the media trick you into trying to keep you in a financial bind. Additionally, we are teaching our offspring to do the same. We should never try to look like what we are, we should be like what we are. We must break the mold on how our minds have been conditioned to go with the flow of the poverty cycle instead of breaking it.

Some things BossLady101 is helping people is through Professional Coaching for Mindset Growth, Financial Management and Life Improvement. The way to change the money mindset, see $500.00 as an investment opportunity that can turn into a profit for you and your heirs to have. No longer shall we strive to merely look rich when we are truly broke. I will coach you to grow your money mindset so that you and your heirs can live the life you deserve to live.

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