The Reward Of Changing For The Better

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

It is my life's passion to inspire people to reach their full potential, one goal at a time...

As I watch my clients evolve, grow, and change for the better, it is so rewarding as a Life Coach. I get to witness a person come to me with all of their hopes and dreams bundled up in a bag of doubt and with each session, I get to see them unpack, organize and monopolize their goals. One of the major hindrances my clients face is that they don't have the ability to separate their emotions from their decisions and that hinders their action taking abilities. This is the point of contention that happens at the beginning of our sessions because most of their responses are emotional and they cannot see from their vantage point that making emotional decisions often leads to mistakes or regrets. The second thing is that they choose to spend time on things that are not conducive to their progress or growth -- talking themselves out of taking action, trying to imitate someone else, spending too much time on social media, being lazy, doing too much for others, etc.

At the beginning of the coach/client relationship, it is imperative that the coach establishes trust because they see the potential in the client that the client doesn't see in themselves. It is not a simple task to get someone to see that the way they've been conditioned to do things is not the best way to yield effective results. The coach is not an advice-giver or a coddler and sometimes clients are seeking because they don't know their own potential.

With consistency and specialized techniques, the coach gives practical exercises and tasks to help the client develop their ability to see their own potential. This gives them the motivation to pursue their goals and feel self accomplished. The client begins to see their own progress and a light comes on inside of them. They become more assertive, creative and motivated.

One of the conversations that I often separately share in common with my clients usually occurs when they realize they are not the same as they used to be -- they see how they have evolved, grown and changed for the better. Experiencing growth is not an all-inclusive one time deal -- it actually occurs in baby steps along the way and you kind of just realize it one day that you are not the same as you were some time ago.

Some are not there yet, but you can get there. You have to be willing to admit that you have some self-defeating practices that are the catalyst to your stagnant situation. Tolerating being disrespected or unappreciated creates frustration which stifles creativity and passion. Not speaking truth to power keeps you bogged down because you internalize your emotions which causes poor judgment or overreaction when you implode/explode.

Spending time arguing is time wasted from spending time being productive. Every action doesn't deserve a reaction. Learning how to control your emotions is key to being successful.

Over expending or extending yourself to satisfy the needs of others while neglecting your own is so detrimental to your growth. We cannot invest more of ourselves, our time or our energy into things that are not conducive to our growth, maturity and/stability.

This is why Life Coaches are so valuable to people. We help people discover things about themselves that they have overlooked or haven't noticed. When my clients come to me to tell me that they see the difference in themselves, I often ask for specific examples of what they've noticed. Some of the ways they've realized that growth has taken place is when they speak up for themselves instead of letting others speak for them or at them. When they no longer entertain negativity from negative people and find themselves around people who are doing positive things. When they don't argue with people anymore because they've realized everything doesn't require a response. When they don't make excuses because they've realized a passion and a drive they've never experienced before. When they don't have to wait for others to tell them do something because they're motivated to start taking initiative. They tell me it is the most invigorating feeling in the world to experience the self-improvement changes because they realize that they no longer partake in the things that were holding them back from reaching their full potential!

It is my life's passion to inspire people to reach their full potential, one goal at a time, one session at a time until one day they realize they are not who they used to be but they are stronger, wiser, better and wealthier and they are reaching their full potential!

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