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“As leaders, we have to make sure we are getting through to the people we are leading.”

Leader is not a title, it's an attribute. Being called a leader is one thing, being a leader is another. There are several titles and positions that require a person to have a leadership attribute -- Life Coach, Financial Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Leader, Teacher and more. Having a title doesn't make a person a leader. As leaders, we have to make sure we are getting through to the people we are leading. Here are some leadership tips that you can put in your tool box.


It is important that we are not "all over the place" when we are leading people. A good characteristic of a leader is to know where they are going and how to get there. Sometimes we have so much material that we want to cover that we try to give it all in one setting. That is one way to lose people. Being clear and concise with the material you are delivering will keep people engaged and and retain the information. If you have a lot of material to cover, then consider having a series of training sessions. Doing this will help you map out how you want to engage your audience.


In order to lead you should know who you are leading. It is very very unfortunate when a leader loses their crowd. It will help to schedule a way to get some information so you can plan accordingly. Always be reminded that people learn differently. Some things to consider are age, ethnicity, culture, demographics, educational background, learning styles and lastly you will have to determine if you have those who just want information or those who actually desire change.


Poor leadership tells people what to do, great leadership tells people how to do it. This is why we must be knowledgeable of our area of expertise. In other words, before we tell people what to do, we must first be sure we know how to do it. You may have to demonstrate for your audience, give personal examples, show them what worked for you and how they can apply it for themselves.


One thing about being in leadership, sometimes it means that you are the center of attention. Knowing yourself is very important. Do not be a know it all or condescending towards your audience. Keep an agenda and stick to it. Practice speaking in the mirror so you can observe your facial expressions. If you tend to fumble with things in your pocket, make a note to not have anything in your pockets because that can be a distraction. If you make a mistake, then embrace it so that your audience will be able to relate to you as being human just like them.

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