How To Get Back Up

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Giving up is not your option.

There are times in life where we get knocked down and we feel at our all-time low. We've all been there, some of us are still there. Granted, this may not mean that you have been physically knocked down, but things are looking rather bleak in most of your circumstances. You may be facing hardships, had a bad break-up of a relationship, lost your job, or you just feel lost and confused about where life is taking you. The truth is, this is when you feel the most vulnerable and undervalued.

The question is, how do you get back up from this? How do you recover? Unfortunately, there isn't just one answer. It is a road to recovery that must be taken. There are things that you will endure that will cause you to feel like giving up at times, but giving up is not your option. I don't take it lightly that feeling low down isn't a walk in the park because it's not -- It is a very dark and lonely place for some. You have the choice not to wallow in it. You have the choice to take the appropriate steps to get out of being stuck in a rut.


While you are down, it is a good time to evaluate yourself. How did you get to where you are now? The hard truth is that this is the most appropriate time to take a look at yourself. Self-reflection will help you establish a baseline for your foundation upon which you will use to get back up. You have to start by admitting that your foundation was weak and needs work -- you have work that needs to be done within you starting with your mindset, attitude, and perception. When you have the right mindset, attitude, and perception built into your foundation, you will find yourself being able to accept constructive criticism, admit when you're wrong and exhibit self-control and self-discipline.


When we get into these ruts, we tend to displace blame on everyone and everything else. Once you have stopped blaming others for your circumstances and made up your mind to no longer stay where you are, you are now ready to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. You must be willing to admit what behaviors you've displayed in the past that were unacceptable. This may include allowing yourself to be used, being dishonest, not operating with integrity, being malicious or devious towards others. These negative behaviors are often the gateway to being knocked down. Hold yourself accountable and be willing to admit and accept that you have some negative behaviors that need to be changed. No longer will you overreact from your emotions. You cannot put out negativity and expect a positive outcome in return. Be accountable for your actions.


We have to change our perspective to believe that we will not stay where we are. We have to stop looking down and start looking up. Start being around people who are worth looking up to. Start aspiring to do things that are worth working towards. We have to stop thinking like a defeated person and start thinking like a winner. Changing our perspective tells us that there is another point of view in all circumstances, even if you cannot see it right now. Your current view will not always be the same. People who are knocked down have a different vantage point from those who are standing up. Stop looking down on yourself and you will see things start to look up.


You have to believe in yourself. You have no reason not to. Yes, you may have experienced a setback, but you are not out of the count yet. You have to believe that there is something better waiting for you because there is. You are talented, you are smart, you make a difference, you can do it! One thing about being on top is that there is only one way to go and that's down, but when you have hit rock bottom there's no other place to go but up. Your ability to believe in yourself is what will give you the momentum you need to start to pick yourself up.


You've been down and now you have to muster up the energy to pick yourself up. This won't be easy but it is well worth doing. You are in a place that you no longer want to be in, you are not the same person that was knocked down. You have to reach for some things to hold on to as you pick yourself up. Reach for your dreams, reach for your purpose, reach for your goals, reach for your destiny. Hold on and pick yourself up.


You are now starting to get on your feet. You have worked so diligently to get where you are. You have established a foundation of self-reflection, you have learned how to hold yourself accountable for your actions, you have started to believe in yourself, you've picked yourself up, and now you are on your feet ready to start climbing out of that rut you were in. Things are starting to look up for you. You have hope, you have a different perspective on life. You are ready to start climbing upwards. Take your first step and do it with everything you have in you. You have to gain your momentum as you start climbing to get to your purpose, dreams, goals, and destiny. Once you start climbing, you cannot look back. You must keep focusing on where you are at until you get to where you are going. Focus on moving one step at a time and before you know it, you will have made so much progress from where you once were.


When the going gets rough (because it will) remember that you are fighting against negative gravity trying to pull you back down. Don't be too proud to accept a helping hand during these rough times. Those helping hands may keep you from falling back down. You have to remember the foundation that you set when the times get rough. Don't get discouraged. remember that everything you been through has prepared you to keep going. You didn't make it this far just to give up. Giving up is not your option. Keep Going. I'll see you at the top!

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