Focus On Goals and Not Obstacles

From the time we are born until the day we expire, we are constantly learning in some way shape or form. It is how we evolve and how we experience growth. When it is all said and done, we can admit that a goal is achieved with every learning experience, whether we set the goal or not. It is almost safe to say that with every goal, we also experience some obstacles.

Obstacles are noticeable because they are in between you and your goal. Sometimes these obstacles take our focus off of the goal. The problem is that the obstacles cause people to either get stuck or give up. Obstacles are not meant to stop you, but to strengthen you. Learning how to overcome obstacles is part of the learning experience -- It prepares you for what you are working towards. When you see the obstacle that's placed before you as temporary, it gives you the gumption to push even harder towards your mark because it is something that is in the way but not your place to stay.


Focus On The Goal

Identify The Obstacle(s)

Formulate A Plan of Action To Overcome The Obstacle

Implement the Plan of Action To Completion

Overcome The Obstacles

Take a Break to Recuperate

Always Remember Why You Started.

Never Give Up

Focus On The Goals

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