7 Steps to Personal Growth

The key to beginning a personal growth journey is setting your priorities.

Personal growth can help you make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. However, if you’re broke, overweight, don’t have any friends, and lack goals, where do you begin? The key to beginning a personal growth journey is setting your priorities. There’s a lot you can do in five years, but you can’t do a whole lot in five months.

Spend your early efforts as effectively as possible:

1. Measure your current situation. Think about a typical day in your life. Then think about a typical weekend. Write down whatever comes to mind. A partial list might look like this:

  • Get up for work. I hate getting up this early and I hate my job.

  • Driving to work- I love my car

  • Get home. My house needs to be cleaned

  • Watch TV. I don’t really like it, but I don’t have anything else to do.

  • Eat dinner. I need to eat more healthier foods I am overweight.

2. Rate each of these experiences. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfect, rate each thought. It’s the low-rated parts of your life that are dragging you down. Avoid spending your time on raising a 7 to a 10. It’s the 1s, 2s, and 3s that are wreaking havoc. Until you’ve raised everything up to at least a 5, stick with the lower-rated items on your list.

3. Create a 10 scenario for your goal to improve your current situation. Let’s suppose your weight is a big issue. You rate it a “2”, because it negatively impacts your confidence and self-esteem. It’s also becoming a health issue. You also believe that it hurts your social life. What is the perfect alternative? Write a 10 scenario for this negative impact. This will give you an objective that clearly addresses a challenging part of your life and will motivate you to work towards in changing this 2 to a 10 rating in your life. Sometimes you have to write the vision and make it plain. An example would be:

  • I’m on the scale, and my weight is 170 pounds. This is the perfect weight for me. I look and feel good in my clothes. My doctor is pleased with my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. People are starting to notice me again. I have the confidence in myself again.

4. Consider the people in your life. If you want to enhance any part of your life, there will be people that attempt to hold you back. They might not do it intentionally, but it will happen. Remember that people in your life are optional. Surround yourself with people who push you to your purpose and cut off those who push against you on purpose.

Another thing to consider is adding people to your life. Perhaps you need a personal trainer or a life success coach or even a few purpose-driven friends who are successful and can mentor you.

5. What do you need? Do you need a vacation? Do you need to sign up for self-development courses? Do you need to change your eating habits? Do you need to change you spending habits? Whatever you goal is, you must as yourself what is it that you need to accomplish that goal.

6. Focus on your habits. Your current situation is result of years of less-than-great habits. Better habits provide better outcomes. Make small changes to your daily habits. Then it’s just a matter of being compliant and patient. Being consistent in doing something for 30 days forms a habit. Making those small changes consistently will develop the bad habits to good habits.

7. Learn how to be uncomfortable. The faster you wish to change, the more discomfort you’ll face. You’ll have to slow down or accept that discomfort is part of the deal. The ability to deal with uncomfortable feelings grows with practice.

It’s daunting to change every aspect of your life, so don’t even try! Focus on the most negative parts of your life first. You can then turn your attention to the less-critical items. Beginning a personal growth journey is an exciting time. Good luck!

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