2020 Clear Vision

Bring light into your situation and get a clear vision into your future.

With the start of this New Year comes the turn of a New Century. Many people offered various New Year's Resolutions, hoping for a better year, a better life, a better outcome. Being hopeful of a better tomorrow is optimistic. Could it be that there are clearer visions taking place in the year 2020?

A vision without action is just a dream. What is the chasm between the vision becoming a reality? Taking appropriate action. Here are a few basic steps that can be taken to help people crossover from talking about it to being about it.


"Write the vision and make it plain." This is a biblical principle but it is very necessary to be applied. Getting into the habit of recording your thoughts and visions, to capture the ambiance of the moment, is critical to bringing a vision to fruition. Life is full of distractions, recording or writing down the vision as it occurs will help you remember it later on. Personally, I keep a notebook handy for these moments, but if this doesn't work for you then you can use your mobile device to record the audible version of your vision. This is also very good because you are speaking it into existence. Whichever way works best for you as you go through your day, just record it. take my advice, it will help you along the way.


"A vision without action is just a dream." Once you record the vision, you must now put together a plan of action. Some things that are to be included in the plan of action is establishing the purpose of what you are doing. In other words, why do you want this vision to become your reality? You also want to plan for any financial needs, work space, licensing, marketing, partnerships, branding and so much more. You may need to consult professionals to help you accomplish the planning stage of the vision, such as CoachSybil Kearse who is a Financial Coach and Business Strategist.


"Teamwork makes the dream work." The goal of being successful is to network. Once you have the planning stages complete, it is time to spread the word about your venture. Find like-minded individuals who can help you with resources and contacts. This will help you when you experience roadblocks along the way. Often times social media and social groups can help you find the proper social network to get you going.


"Don't Give Up Hope." Having a made up mindset is crucial when trying to establish a vision into reality. There will be some rough patches and tough hills to climb but you must be determined not to give up, even when everything is telling you that you should. You will find that those closest to you may be least supportive of you. You will find yourself in uncomfortable situations. You will find that the road to success is not as straight a narrow as you may have thought. Your determination to persevere will get you through those rough times and see you through to the finish line.

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